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Florian Kolb Rotwelsch

Florian kolb

Florian Kolb, who lives in Zurich, plays drums, double bass, violone, and bagpipes. He studied with Lucas Niggli, Christian Weber, Andreas Cincera, and Dominique Girod. His musical focus lies in projects ranging from improvised, contemporary, and Baroque music to their hybrid forms. Currently, he is behind the drums and organizes events such as the Workoutjazz Marathon and the Madness concert series with the Workoutjazz collective. He experiments with Pablo Lienhard and Alex Riva as Schrödinger with Cat and Blackbox, and he is a longtime member of Philipp Maria Rosenberg-Rotwelsch. He also leads the band "Menschenstoff," which can be classified somewhere between new music and nostalgic industrial, and he is the founder of the Happy Hardcore band Candytoe. Additionally, Florian Kolb is often involved in the theater scene, currently with the Basel project "colonial washing" and the newly formed "Raucous Babies." Furthermore, he is working on a solo program for violone, which consists of Baroque repertoire and improvisations. From 2017 to 2020, he curated the concert series PAM (Platz für andere Musik) in Uster together with Lucas Niggli. In 2021, he was awarded the cultural promotion prize of the Canton of Zurich with the Workoutjazz collective.

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