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Jordi Pallarés Rotwelsch


JORDI PALLARÉS «Pallarés, a highly expressive and emotionally engaged drummer whose decorative rhythms really brought out the best in the compositions». JazzWise 2023

Jordi Pallarés, Spanish drummer emerging in the European musical scene for offering unique identity and refined technicality to wide-angle jazz projects. Thus, his playing blossoms in contexts of composed music that allows space to sensitively execute the art of musical conversation, often seeking the creation of ethereal textures, often grounded rhythms accompanied with virtuous improvisation. Jordi studied at the International University of JazzCampus with legendary influences: Jorge Rossy, Jeff Ballard, Gerry Hemingway, Mark Turner and Larry Grenadier. He performed in prestigious jazz clubs and festivals throughout the continent, playing with important figures such as Lionel Loueke, David Virelles, Bill McHenry, Fred Frith, Alex Sipiagin, Masa Kamaguchi, Antonio Loureiro, Gadi Lehavi, Andrea Motis, Benjamin Tiberio, Xavi Torres, Taber Gable, Gianni Gagliardi, Rita Payés, Song Yi Jeon, Albert Bover, Horacio Fumero and many more. He currently leads his own band Jordi Pallarés Project, being actively member of Philipp Maria Rosenberg Trio, KATOM, Silvan Joray Trio and Òscar Latorre Quartet.

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